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If you are interested in getting Mark Helias' CDs and downloads please go to to order downloads or hard copies.

You can also click on the desired item below and it will take you to that specific item on the bandcamp website.

List of Items
Title Label Price
The Long Road (BassDrumBone) Auricle Recorde  
The Signal Maker Intakt CD 245  
Explicit Marge 50  
Strange Unison RL013  
Atomic Clock RL012  
Verbs of Will RL011  
New School  Enja  
The Marks Brothers (download only ) W.E.R.F  
Come Ahead Back Koch  
Fictionary  GM Recordings  
Loopin' The Cool Enja  
Attack The Future Enja  
Desert Blue   Enja  
Gentle Ben  (Available Now ) NOTA  
The Current Set Enja  

4 CDs Featuring BassDrumBone (Mark Helias-Gerry Hemingway-Ray Anderson)

The Other Parade Clean Feed  
March of Dimes (Available Now ) data  
Hence the Reason (out of stock) Enja  
Cooked To Perfection  (temporarily out of stock) Auricle Records  

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