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Open Loose is a trio with tenor saxophonist Tony Malaby or Ellery Eskelin and drummer Tom Rainey or Gerald Cleaver. This group explores the world of open form improvisation with composed pieces interwoven into the sets. The musicians have developed a common language and connectivity which allows for very adventurous and cohesive improvising.    


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The Marks Brothers is a bass duo featuring Mark Dresser and Mark Helias.  It  has grown out of a twenty five year friendship  and artistic relationship.  The two Marks are very complimentary (distinctly different and compatible) both as composers and bassists.  This allows for a high degree of variety and expression during their concerts. Their first CD "The Marks Brothers was released in 2001 on the W.E.R.F. label.

Solo Bass - Mark Helias has been performing solo bass concerts for 15 years.  He has developed a repertoire of his own pieces scored for bass and adaptations of pieces which he has recorded with his various ensembles.  In addition to being of great interest musically, this project travels well.

BassDrumBone is a cooperative trio including the drummer and composer Gerry Hemingway, trombonist and composer Ray Anderson and Mark Helias.  This group has been performing together forty years.  Over that time the three musicians have developed an uncanny sense of communication that allows for very free and disciplined collectivity, regardless of the compositional form being explored.  The group performs pieces by all three members and has released five  albums of their compositions    

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