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Order Songbook Volume III --------------------------------$60.00 (plus shipping)
featuring 26 compositions by Mark Helias

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Table of Contents Vol. 3

Title Instrumentation Recording
A Fistful of Fingers Cl,Vc, Bs private
Give Up The Ghost Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
AKA Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
Anagram Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
Cartwheels Over Mountains Cl,Vc, Bs private
Dominoes Ts, Bs, Drms Enja 9413 2
Detonation Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
Douglas Fir Vln, Ts, Bs GM3037CD
Ekman Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
59 As, Ts, Bs, Drms India Navigation
Gyro Ts, Bs, Drms AUR-2
Hegemony Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
How 'Bout It Ts, Bs, Drms, RadioLegs-001
Intimations of Things Freaky Tb, Bs, Drms Private
MaPa Ts, Bs, Drums, Enja 9413 2
Modern Scag Ts, Bs, Drms private
Might Could Be Ts, Bs, private
Moto Proto Tpt, Ts, Bs,Drms private
New Religion Cl,Vc, Bs private
The Harmonic Line Pno, Bs, Drms ECM
Parasol Stroll Ts, Bs, Drms private
Reclamation Ts, Bs, Drms private
Up and Down The Aisle Pno, Bs private
Simian Piano Trio private
The White Line Ts, Bs, Drms RadioLegs-001
We're Still Alive '90 As, Bs private